De missie van Semanta is het verkleinen van de digitale afstand tussen de bedenkende mens en de zoekende mens.
A word of caution
Semanta is still under development, and the early version we're sharing today still has weaknesses. By popular demand, Semanta Alpha can also process longer texts grammaticaly and semanticly, but it can also be prone to hallucination — especially when fed short prompts.
Semanta will change without notice as we continue development and work toward a full release by making improvements in these areas. We look forward to hearing your feedback, and we hope you enjoy Semanta college

In the free trial you can enter any text .Semanta will pass the text to Chatgpt where the Open.AI APi process is initiated.Semanta Alpha can also process texts grammatically and semantically.
On the Semanta/Chatgpt/PHP platform we are building website LLMs, tiny LLMs.
Based on grammatical and semantic characteristics of the website's data.
These tiny LLMs are highly versatile and can handle various formats such as text, files, URLs, and FAQs. They are specifically tailored to each language, knowledge domain, conversation partner, and This allows for efficient and effective communication with users, providing them with accurate and relevant information.
Gebaseerd op de Lingvistica taaltechnologie van Semanta college bouwt Semanta verder in een lange traditie van slimme woordenboeken, automatische vertaalprogramma's en semantisch verrijkte woordenlijsten.